Small Enterprise Loan
Flexible solutions to all industries for business development!
  • Simple application procedures, no collateral required
  • All types of business are applicable
  • Repayment period up to 60 months
  • Flexi choice of Instalment or Revolving Loan

Mr Fung owns two electronic factories with HK$200,000 profit each month. He decides to expand his business into the Mainland. However, the company did not have enough cash for expansion. He got to know UA Small Enterprise Loan from the advertisement. UA’s Small Enterprise Loan can fit Mr Fung’s need by offering flexible loan type, Installment or Revolving Loan. He has spent less than an hour for applying UA SME Loan in branch and has approved a HK$700,000 revolving loan with low interest rate for him. “UA gives me support for expansion on business, thanks for UA,” shared by Mr Fung.

Ms Li is running a food export company with sales revenue of HK$300,000. One of her existing client owed her HK$200,000 debts recently. At the same time, large amount of monthly expenses for the company like salaries, cost of the materials, rental, etc. have to take care. Ms Li tried to apply loan from bank but it required 3 – 4 weeks for application. While she was very disappointed, her friend recommended her to apply for UA Small Enterprise Loan. After analyzing Ms Li’s situation, UA Customer Services Officer tailor-made the best financial solution to her. Thus, Ms Li got a loan amount of HK$250,000 within 2 days. Ms Li happily said, “ I don’t have to worry about financial problem in the future because UA is always there to help.”

Mr Fung's Financial Profile

Occupation Owner of 2 electronic factories
Operating years 17 years
Profit HK$200,000
UA Small Enterprise Loan Amount HK$700,000

Ms Li's Financial Profile

Occupation Owner of food export company
Operating years 10 years
Profit HK$300,000
UA Small Enterprise Loan Amount HK$250,000