"NO SHOW" Personal Loan
Just a call and cash will be ready. No documents required#. Customer service available 7 days a week** with instant approval and cash transfer by FPS*.

【Rewards Level Up】Cash Reward up to $12,000

4 easy steps:

  1. Call “NO SHOW” Personal Loan Hotline at 2681 8612
  2. Provide personal information over the phone, no need to show up at any branches  
  3. Confirm the acceptance of the loan via SMS
  4. Loan amount will be transferred to your designated account directly

Stephanie works in a telecommunication engineering company as Marketing Officer. Recently, she urgently needed HK$50,000 for settling the medical fee for her family. Her limited savings does not help on this incident. Stephanie had sought help from banks and financial companies but she was not able to visit branch for loan application as has to work overtime on Saturday afternoon and Sundays. Besides, she did not keep her income proof which was one of the loan application requirements. Worst of all, if Stephanie asks her employer for income proof directly, the employer may realize it was for loan application.

Last Sunday, on the way back to office, Stephanie saw the advertisement on the bus body. It was the UA “NO SHOW” Personal Loan, highlighting no need to show any proven document; just a phone call and can get what you want. She immediately called the hotline after back to office. Unexpectedly, she only needed to provide her personal information over the phone and replied through SMS for loan confirmation afterwards. The loan amount was then transferred to her designated bank account directly. She was not required to show up at any branches as well as providing any supporting documents, including the HK identity card. UA “NO SHOW” Personal Loan provides her the most convenient way to cope with her financial difficulties, unnecessary to show up, just a phone call can ease her difficulties.

Stephanie's Financial Profile

Title Marketing Officer
UA Loan Amount HK$50,000
Repayment Terms 24 Months

#United Asia Finance Limited (“the Company”) is the sole financial institution in Hong Kong that does not require customer (including new and existing customers) to provide document proof for the application of “NO SHOW” Personal Loan. Nevertheless, customer has to fulfill the respective credit requirements by the Company. Otherwise, customer might be required to come to the branches in person to provide relevant document.

**The servicing hours for Saturday and Sunday is 9:00am-6:00pm.

*Loan approval and electronic transfer service is available from Monday to Friday (9:00am-6:30pm), Saturday to Sunday (9:00am-5:30pm) and except public holidays. The actual date of transfer is subject to the transfer servicing hours of each individual bank.

Key Facts Statement for Installment Loan:

  1.  The minimum and maximum repayment period is 3 months and 60 months respectively.
  2. The maximum annual percentage rate is 48%.
  3. A representative example of total cost for a loan below is for reference only:
    • Loan amount: HK$10,000
    • Monthly installment of HK$1,815 for 6 months
    • Interest rate: 2.5% per month
    • Annual percentage rate: 30%
    • Total repayment amount: HK$10,890