Tax Season Exclusive
Customers who successfully drawdown Tax Loan can enjoy up to HK$500+ supermarket coupon, an additional installment loan offer+ with the same rate of tax loan on a maximum of 2 times of Tax Loan amount, total 300% of tax payable for flexible cash out during the tax season.

Product Features

  • Loan amount up to 300% of tax payable
  • Repayment period up to 18 months
  • Simple application with HKID Card & Tax Demand Note only

Mr. Ho is a teacher of a secondary school in Tsuen Wan with a monthly salary of HK$60,000. He always uses credit card and cash advance services to settle daily expenses. Mr. Ho feels stressed because of the surcharge of overdue salaries tax and credit card payment.

Fortunately, he has applied for UA Tax Loan and approved with HK$71,960 tax loan amount for his salaries tax payment and extra installment loan amount of HK$143,920 with the same rate for settling his credit card debt. Now he doesn’t have to worry about the payment and can concentrate on his work.

Mr Ho's Financial Profile

Occupation Secondary School Teacher
Monthly Salary HK$60,000
Loan Document Salaries Tax Statement
Salaries Tax HK$71,960
Approved Loan Amount Tax Loan HK$71,960 + Installment Loan HK$143,920

+Terms & Conditions apply. For details, please click here.


Key Facts Statement for Installment Loan:

  1. The minimum and maximum repayment period is 6 months and 18 months respectively.
  2. The maximum annual percentage rate is 48%.
  3. A representative example of total cost for a loan below is for reference only:
    • Loan amount: HK$10,000
    • Monthly installment of HK$1,815 for 6 months
    • Interest rate: 2.5% per month
    • Annual percentage rate: 30%
    • Total repayment amount: HK$10,890