Loan for Higher Education Students
Whenever you want to apply a course for further study or go for a trip during semester break, our Loan for Higher Education Students is the perfect choice.
  • Effective rate of interest is 18% per annum
  • 24 hours online application
  • Repayment period up to 48 months
  • Loan amount up to HK$50,000

(e.g. Loan Amount HK$10,000)

You can also apply for a Revolving Loan:

  • Enjoy unlimited access to the approved credit
  • No interest charges for unused credit
  • Instant cash thanks to electronic transfer facilities

Michelle is an university student of Year 2, she gets a part-time job and earns around HK$12,000 a month. In summer, she went to Europe with friends for a month. The trip was wonderful however she has bought many souvenirs and personal belongings which all paid by credit cards. When back to Hong Kong, she was very worried after receiving the credit card bills.

One day, she came across UA’s TV Commercial and called the Customer Service Hotline. After detail explanation by the UA staff, she decided to apply for Higher Education Student Loan. As she has part-time earnings, she was successfully approved HK$50,000 to settle the credit card debts. From now on, she doesn’t need to worry about her credit card debts.

Jasper will be a Year 3 university student this year. Apart from doing summer jobs, he wanted to apply a summer course to further improve his knowledge but he was worried of not having enough money for the course fee.

Jasper read about UA Higher Education Student Loan from online advertising and decided to apply it via internet. UA has approved a loan amount of HK$30,000 and at the same time, an e-Cash Revolving Loan of HK$10,000 was offered. It helps on his part-time course fee and get “ready cash” for future use. As long as no drawdown on e-Cash Revolving Loan has been made, no interest will be charged.

Repayment Terms Monthly Repayment Amount (HK$)
6 1,755
12 917
18 638
24 499
36 362
48 294

Michelle Financial Profile

Part-time Income HK$12,000
UA Loan Amount HK$50,000
Repayment Terms 2 years

Jasper Financial Profile

Part-time Income HK$9,000
UA Loan Amount HK$30,000 + HK$10,000 e-Cash Revolving Loan
Repayment Terms 2 years