Property Owner's Loan
Flexi choice of Instalment or Revolving Loan helps property owners withdraw flexible cash in large amount!
  • Large personal loan amount, no collateral required
  • No limitations on property usage & types
  • All individual and joint property owners are applicable
  • Whole loan procedure from application to disbursement completed in 24 hours

Mr. Chan, a salesperson and his wife, a buyer of toy company, are living in their own property after getting married. Unfortunately, Mrs. Chan was laid off by the company due to the economic downturn, and Mr. Chan had a great financial burden on family. However, the business of his company was affected and hence the income was reduced. At the same time, he had to cope with the mortgage repayment and prepare for the arrival of new lives, the additional expenses brought great financial pressure to them.

Mr. Chan got to know UA Property Owner’s Loan offers large amount of cash without the need of property deeds & collaterals, which helps property owners to have flexibility on their cashflow. As a result, they apply for UA Property Owner’s Loan and has got approved a loan amount of HK$1.2 million, the whole loan procedure from application to disbursement was completed in 24 hours, and this large loan helped them to solve all financial problems. Other than that, UA offered a HK$120,000 e-Cash Revolving Loan, no interest would be charged for any unused credit. Having this credit line, it allows them to have flexibility to deal with unexpected expenses and plan for their future.

Mr. Wong is engaged in business of publishing and book distribution. He owns an approximately 1,500 square-foot unit in factory building for inventory purposes. To reduce the burden of monthly repayment, he started to lease the factory unit to another publisher. However, the tenant also surrendered because of the business downturn. Without the rental income, Mr. Wong had to bear the repayment alone.

Fortunately, Mr. Wong got to know UA Property Owner’s Loan, it has no limitations on property usage & types, no collaterals are required, and flexible in approval. In addition, UA provides flexi choice of Instalment or Revolving Loan, allowing him to flexibly respond to market for large cashflow. He has got approved a loan amount of HK$1.5 million, enabled Mr. Wong with a clear repayment target and hence better financial planning, no need to worry about the cashflow anymore. It also helped him successfully transforming his business from a traditional publisher to an electronic publisher, elevating his business aspects and opening up new business opportunities.


1 New and existing customers refer to the customers who have not any loan transaction with the Company in the past 24 months from the date of application. For e-Cash Revolving Loan applicants who open account, before Personal Instalment Loan application, within the Promotion Period is granted for exemption to entitle the above reward.
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+ As of March 2024, UA’s cash reward is the highest among the major financial companies in Hong Kong.
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Key Facts Statement for Installment Loan:

  1. The minimum and maximum repayment period is 3 months and 84 months respectively.
  2. The maximum annual percentage rate is 36%.
  3. A representative example of total cost for a loan below is for reference only:
    • Loan amount: HK$10,000
    • Monthly installment of HK$1,815 for 6 months
    • Interest rate: 2.5% per month
    • Annual percentage rate: 30%
    • Total repayment amount: HK$10,890