UA has been accompanying Hongkongers to walk through together for more than a quarter of a century!

Since 1993, UA is committed to understanding your personal loan needs from your perspective, providing the professional, flexible and best caring personal loan service for our customers. Over the years, UA has gone through many milestones and helped more than 780,000 Hongkongers with their financial problems and let go of their worries.



√ 1993 Establishment of UA and Pioneered “Debts Consolidation Loan

  • A consolidated loan to clear all your debts to reduce the interest expenses for you
  • Personalized interest rate & repayment terms, flexible loan amount tailor made for your need


√ 1997 Pioneered “Property Owner’s Loan

  • Privileged high loan amount for property owners to enjoy quick cash for financial relieve.


√ 2000 Pioneered “i-Money Internet Personal Loan” and launched e-Cash Revolving Loan

  • The first money lender to introduce the online loan services in the market.
  • The whole loan procedure from application, approval to disbursement is processed through the 24×7 internet without the need to show up in person
  • Cash will be transferred to the designated account of customers by FPS* directly once the loan is approved including Saturday & Sunday*
  • e-Cash Revolving Loan, by applying once, you can withdraw cash` from the approved credit line anytime anywhere through our branch, telephone, website or mobile app.
  • Interest is calculated on daily basis#, no interest charge for unused credit, revolving credit limit upon repayment


√ 2012 Pioneered “NO SHOW” Personal Loan Hotline 2681 8787

  • The only “NO SHOW” Personal Loan in Hong Kong^, no need to show up in person or show any document proof including HKID, just a call and cash will be ready
  • Customer service available 7 days a week with instant approval and cash transfer by FPS* to the designated account of customers, fast and convenient!


√ 2019 First Revolving Loan of Finance Company connected to FPS to provide 24-hour loan service*

  • Round-the-clock instant cash transfer* anytime anywhere via website, telephone or Mobile APP


√ 2019 Launches Brand New “YES UA” Mobile App

  • New add-on facial and fingerprint recognition functions, elevating user experience with higher security and speed
  • Enjoy “Express Loan Service” or manage the e-Cash Account hassle-free with 24×7 instant cash transfer


√ 2020 Launches Brand New “YES, UA! Smart Teller Machine” Automated Loan Services

  • Enjoy the simple and convenient loan service with 24×7 loan application and document submission function
  • Contact our Customer Service Officer** via live video chat for instant loan application and service enquiries


√ 2020 Launches Advanced “YES UA” Mobile App Version, the first Money Lender[i] in Hong Kong to support instant identity verification covering the new smart HKID

  • Real-time identity authentication function added with support of 2018 version of new smart HKID. Express loan service from application, approval to disbursement all completed by “Click to Loan” on “YES UA” Mobile App
  • Multi-layered AI technology applied to enhance the identity authentication process with further optimizing the identity verification and security process, thereby enabling customers to enjoy more secure, reliable and convenient loan service on mobile hassle-free anytime and anywhere


*Loan approval and electronic transfer service is available from Monday to Friday (9:00am-6:30pm), Saturday(9:00am-12:30pm) and except Sunday and public holidays. The actual date of transfer is subject to the transfer servicing hours of each individual bank.
`Instant electronic transfer service is not available during the system maintenance period (Monday to Sunday 9:00pm-12:00am, Sunday 12:00am-8:30am and 1:45pm-3:15pm) and subject to the limitation of individual bank’s service terms and conditions. The accumulated daily withdrawal amount is HK$80,000 or below (No limitation within the Company’s business hours).
#Interest is calculated from the day of payment instruction issued by the company.
^United Asia Finance Limited (“the Company”) is the sole financial institution in Hong Kong that does not require customer (including new and existing customers) to provide document proof for the application of “NO SHOW” Personal Loan. Nevertheless, customer has to fulfill the respective credit requirements by the Company. Otherwise, customer might be required to come to the branches in person to provide relevant document.
**Live video chat service is available from Monday to Friday (9:00am-6:30pm), Saturday(9:00am-12:30pm) and except Sunday and public holidays.
[i]Compared with major financial companies in Hong Kong