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Loans can be a life savior for someone looking forward to meeting a financial goal at a crucial time. But little do people know that loans are not limited to only banks; even non-banking institutes or corporations also approve lending services with similar principles as the banking system. A loan is a debt (as a sum of money) granted to the borrower, who eventually pays back the amount with an additional charge within a limited period. Before making the loan agreement, borrowers are tied up with a contract in which the lender can ask for a valuable asset or property as collateral to ensure the loan's security. Furthermore, loan services provided by financial institutes include a loan estimate in a form that the borrowers receive to know all the important details related to the requested loan. The company approves granting the loan only when the borrower accepts all the terms and conditions.

Types of Loans

A huge amount of expense you are willing to invest in something can be hard to manage, especially when you don’t have enough bank balance. But a loan can advance you that amount right within the defined time. Loans are not just subjected to the bourgeois. Employees or business companies can solicit them for various reasons, including debt consolidation, large investments, project remodeling, vehicle finance, or emergency expense.

Following are the different types of loans based on specific purposes

  • Personal Loan- A Personal loan is an unsecured loan in which a borrower takes money from a lending company to reach a personal requirement. Personal loans do not follow the same guideline as the mortgage system. The lender simply gives away money but does not ask for collateral except interest.
  • Debt Consolidation Loan- Debt Consolidation is a kind of personal loan meant to help borrowers pay off high-interest debts. This loan service charges a fixed interest, but it makes the repayment method easier by allowing the borrower to repay just one lender instead of many.
  • Credit builder Loan- This loan is helpful to those who urge to make up for their poor credit status. A definite amount of money is deposited into the borrower's savings account, which is then repaid to the lender within 1-2 years.
  • Mortgage Loan- In this type of loan service, the lender takes off an asset as collateral if the borrower cannot pay charges at a given time. Mortgage loans can get your loan at very low interest, but it comes with the risk of ruining your credit rating.
  • Home Equity Loan- Home equity loan functions like installment loans where a borrower holds a percentage of equity in the home and receives a lump sum repaid as a monthly installment to the lender.
  • Auto Loan- An auto loan is a simple-interest loan where a borrower gets a payment to purchase a new vehicle and, instead, leaves an old vehicle to be used as the lending company’s collateral if they fail to pay off the monthly interest.
  • Business Loan- This loan is provided to business owners or companies as a lump sum or credit line. In turn, the owners repay the loan with interest and additional fees within a fixed period.
  • Student Loan- Student loans are designated to help students fulfill their expenses for higher studies with a very low monthly repayment.
  • Factors on which a loan is determined

    Whether secured or unsecured, Loans are attained by people from different financial institutions to fulfill requirements. But the process of getting a loan has definite criteria which decide to either permit or restrict a borrower to get what they want. An employed person with a good credit history or owning valuable assets is mostly eligible for a loan. But there are three components based on which a loan is determined.

  • Tenure- The lender gives a loan term while advancing the loan. The borrowers have to repay the loan within the given amount of time.
  • Interest Rate- Along with the actual amount of money, the borrowers are bound to pay interest at a fixed rate every month or in terms of an annual percentage.
  • Loan Payment- The actual amount of money and the interest, either in installment or direct payment, together make a total loan payment.
  • Things to consider while applying for a loan

    Applying for a loan from a non-banking institute is as simple as applying from a bank. But all financial institutes have their loan procedure which allows loans only to the potential borrowers who give assurance to pay off the amount over time. Today, applying for a loan has become easier because of digitalization. Once you acknowledge your needs, you can proceed to apply for a loan online or may also seek guidance from that financial institute. But before applying for a loan, you must consider the following things-

  • Research the financial institution from which you are opting for a loan.
  • Contact the loan manager of the institute directly to learn about your eligibility and other details.
  • Submit all the documents required for your verification.
  • Wait for the branch to follow up with you and confirm your loan.
  • UA Finance is a popular Asian finance branch based in Hong Kong. We provide financial services, almost all kinds of loans, and instant cash transfers by FPS, including Sat and Sun. We accept online and offline loans so that you can apply for loans ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!

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