UA is now 25 years old! Born in 1993, with a ‘Customer First’ business model, UA is committed to providing best caring personal loan service for our customers. By understanding your personal loan needs from your perspective, UA continues to stay ahead of the market to develop and tailor-made the most innovative loan services to fulfill any financial needs. That is the reason why UA has pioneered several loan products in the market over the years and helped more than 520,000 Hong Kong people with their financial problems. With UA, you can always “let go of your worries and focus on what matters to you most!”



1993 Establishment of UA and Pioneered “Debts Consolidation Loan

Settle all the credit card debts and other outstanding loans for you with one consolidated loan, and with a tailor-made interest rate. Minimize interest expenses instantly and shorten the repayment period.


1997 Pioneered “Property Owner’s Loan

Privileged high loan amount for property owners to enjoy quick cash for financial relieve.


2000 Pioneered “i-Money Internet Personal Loan” and launched e-Cash Revolving Loan

The first money lender to introduce the online loan services in the market. The whole loan procedure from application, approval to disbursement is processed through the internet without the need to show up in person. Cash will be transferred to the designated account of customers directly once the loan is approved. Today, money transfer can be done 7 days a week*, fast and convenient!

In the same year, UA launched e-Cash Revolving Loan; by applying once, you can withdraw cash from the approved credit line anytime anywhere through our branch, telephone, website or mobile app. Interest is calculated on daily basis, no interest charge for unused credit.


2012 Pioneered “NO SHOW” Personal Loan

The only “NO SHOW” Personal Loan in Hong Kong^. The whole loan process can be done on phone without completing any forms! No need to show up in person or show any document proof including HKID. Simple and convenient!


*Loan approval and electronic transfer service is available from Monday to Friday (9:00am-6:30pm), Saturday to Sunday (9:00am-5:30pm) and except public holidays. The actual date of transfer is subject to the transfer servicing hours of each individual bank.
^United Asia Finance Limited (“the Company”) is the sole financial institution in Hong Kong that does not require customer (including new and existing customers) to provide document proof for the application of “NO SHOW” Personal Loan. Nevertheless, customer has to fulfill the respective credit requirements by the Company. Otherwise, customer might be required to come to the branches in person to provide relevant document.