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  • 100% Approval guaranteed* and simple application procedures
  • Pay directly to the Inland Revenue Department on your behalf
  • Only Salaries Tax Statement or Personal Assessment is required

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 *100% approval guaranteed applies to customers who can meet the credit criteria of United Asia Finance Limited, including a satisfactory result from the external credit reference agency.




Case 1:


Mr Ho is a teacher of a secondary school in Tsuen Wan with a monthly salary of HK$60,000. He will save up some money for salaries tax payment every month. However, his family member has been admitted to hospital unexpectedly and he has to spend much of his savings. While Mr Ho started to worry about the salaries tax payment, he read about UAF Tax Loan program from newspaper and knew that it is guaranteed approval with simple application procedure. All you need is a notice for payment of salaries tax. Thus, Mr Ho brought the relevant documents to UAF for application and got approval of HK$102,000 tax loan. UAF has helped to pay the salaries tax on his behalf directly to Inland Revenue Department and he didn’t need to worry anymore. “ Thanks UAF for helping me on the salaries tax and they have offered an e-Cash Revolving Loan of HK$50,000 for my future unexpected use. As long as I don’t have any withdrawal, no interest will be charged.” Mr Ho said happily.

  Tax Loan






Case 2:


Mr Yu works in a stock trading company with basic salary of HK$370,000 a month. He always spends much for his client on social activities and has not prepared any savings for salaries tax. Last year, Mr Yu forgot to pay the salaries tax which resulted in a surcharge. Luckily, he has applied for UAF Tax Loan to help on his salaries tax which was 100% guaranteed approval and pay directly to the Inland Revenue Department on customers’ behalf without any hassle.

Mr Yu’s application was approved with HK$780,000 loan amount for the salaries tax payment. And now he doesn’t have to worry about the payment and can concentrate more on his work.


Tax Loan 





Key Facts Statement for Instalment Loan:

 1.  The minimum and maximum repayment period is 3 months and 60 months respectively.
 2. The maximum annual percentage rate is 48%.
 3. A representative example of total cost for a loan below is for reference only:
  - Loan amount: HK$10,000
  - Monthly instalment of HK$1,815 for 6 months
  - Interest rate: 2.5% per month
  - Annual percentage rate: 30%
  - Total repayment amount: HK$10,890